Found a solution to the problem of water shortages in Africa

Better management of groundwater resources will help Africa address the problem of drinking water shortages. This is reported by The Guardian, citing a study by the charity WaterAid, which deals with water supply issues, as well as the British Geological Survey.

Groundwater is located in the rock mass of the upper part of the earth's crust and makes up about 99 percent of all fresh water in a liquid state. Groundwater resources in sub-Saharan Africa are sufficient to develop agriculture and provide people with enough clean water for drinking and hygiene. According to the study, most African countries have found a way to survive a drought lasting at least five years, and some more than 50 years, using their groundwater resources. In addition, each sub-Saharan African country can supply 130 liters of drinking water per capita per day from groundwater, yet most use only about ten percent.

“Our results debunk the myth that Africa is running out of water. But the tragedy is that millions of people on the continent still lack clean drinking water. Right under the feet of people there are huge reserves of water, many of which are replenished annually by precipitation and other surface water, but they cannot access them, ”said Tim Wainwright, chief executive of WaterAid in the UK.