The purpose of the CAR@WAN network to unite partners involved in the study and management of water resources in order to promote principless of integrated water resources management and to contribute to the protection of the environment
  • 5 participating countries
  • 10 years of experience
  • 29 universities
  • 17 government bodies
  • 14 research institutes
  • 30 NGOs

470 +

Network Members

Strategic Goals of the CAR@WAN network

Capacity Building

Training in the field of water and climate change
Trainings, seminars, lectures, online courses

Knowledge Management

Preparation of educational materials on IWRM - university courses, case studies, tests, role-playing tasks

Strengthening partnerships

Government, international, educational and other organizations in the field of IWRM

About us in numbers

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17 +

Conducted trainings

8 +

Prepared training modules

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What will you get by joining CAR@WAN network?

Participation in trainings and workshops at the regional and global levels

Sharing experience and knowledge with water and climate change experts and specialists

Weekly newsletter on the latest news on water and climate changes

New partners and customers, due to the extensive communication channels of the Network

Access to IWRM materials and best practices

Practical support and expert advice

Free Network Membership with no time limit

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